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PRODUCT DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT: I've worked with tech companies to develop products and UX that align with their client's needs ahead of market trends. I help companies identify the right values to signal to their target customer and design interfaces informed by prescient consumer insight. 

DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING:  I specialize in helping individuals and companies meet their goals by answering the Who What Where and How of projects that need a plan. I provide relevant context and demographic insights to best gauge impact, I build analytical frameworks, establish voice, identify mission, and guide creative people with big ideas.

TV PRODUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT​ I generate ideas and guide their execution all the way from the first meeting with talent to efficient sets where all involved remain inspired.​ ​I know the fundamentals of story and character and have consulted on and written original scripts. As a screenwriter I’m represented by 3Arts Entertainment.

PUBLISHING ​My earliest positions were in leading a vanguard publication. By consistently choosing timely subjects and pairing them with the most innovative thinkers The New Inquiry tripled its subscribers during my tenure and increased it’s payrate to writers while remaining ad and paywall free. I led conversation driving projects and published original theory in pop culture, music, film technology, data science, and sociology. As a literary critic I’m represented by the Wylie agency.

SOCIAL WEB STRATEGY ​I understand the techniques required to engage viewers on all digital platforms. The audiences, culture, and language, are unique to each service and require adaptable strategy, I’m fluent in the nuances that undergird these communication ecosystems and how to promote media with thoughtful and dynamic creative strategy.

CULTURE EXPERT ​I’ve authored sensitivity standards that empower companies to meet ever shifting public expectations. I offer a global perspective and am quick to understand regional tastes. I’m a publicly trusted expert on social issues with experience adapting tv programming to modern stakes.

TREND FORECASTING ​I’ve earned a reputation for incisive predictions that anticipate political and social trends as well as as consumer habits, and I have demonstrated that reputation across industries.

Skills and Experience: About Me
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